Oversize Me! Anyone?....YAY or NAY???

It was only a few months ago when we all got a chance to see the Fall/Winter collections of all the major fashion brands. ‘Big is the new beautiful’ stated Vogue while introdo-promoting the long length and dropped shoulder looks. However, in the same article the fashion director has explained that this simple look is ideal for a tomboy(....hmmm not too sure about that now!)

Ever since the whole fascination of over-sized clothing especially coats and jackets has begun, it has been a ‘NO-NO’ for me and to prove my point here are a few examples:

Even after spotting a few famous celebrities wearing this new trend I was still not convinced to try it myself. This is mainly because I believe I am waaaaay toooo bigggg compared to these celebs and if they are look slightly bigger than usual then I would probably have no chance to fit in a single photo frame J However, only a few days ago I was browsing online and my eyes fell on these two stunning looks.................da da da daaaaaa(drums rolling J)

(Miranda Kerr wearing a Grey Tweed Isabel Marant Coat and Victoria Beckham wearing a black oversized blazer) Honestly, don’t you all think these two ladies have nailed this trend??? I believe this look is very tricky (and risky for some!) but if you wear it with slim fit bottoms to give a lean and fragile look there is no one stopping you from looking fabulous! Now, I’m off hunting for a nice deal on a coat similar to these :)

Stay Blessed,

Sabie x


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