The Sheerness of the Sheers :)

I absolutely love wearing skirts and dresses especially the flowing ones with a tinge of sheer or lace for an extra bit of naughtiness! Today's blog is dedicated to all the girls out there who share a similar love for sheer skirts as that of mine :)

The love for sheers has been noted in books dated back for centuries. The risque trend has been popular from the Ionic Chitons of the ancient Greeks and the use of chemise in the 16th century to the organza and chiffon trends in the 50's. It was brought back in the Madonna-era when the entire world was fascinated by her lace and mesh dresses. 

Recently, the sheer/mesh/lace trend has gone so popular that it is considered as one of the 'must-haves' in your closet. Here are a few of my favourite sheer looks. Enjoy :)



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