Steve Madden: A Wolf or A Lost Sheep?

If you haven't seen the true admiration for dishonesty and drugs then you've got to watch The Wolf of Wall Street. Its a roller coaster ride full of lust, sex and cocaine and how the party ends for stock broker Belfort and friend Steve Madden when they are jailed for fraud and money laundering. No! this is not a blog to promote the movie but it is to understand how Steve Madden's name still exists somewhere in the fashion world. Madden made huge profits with his firm's illegal activities like security frauds and stock manipulation. He was thrown behind bars for 31 months after his friend Belfort got convicted and sold out Madden's name. However, Madden seems to have left this nasty business behind (so should the critics now!!!) and has finally found peace in refocusing on his business. With around 55 stores around the globe, Steve Madden's company is worth more than $2.3 billion now.

His name may have been lost in the uprising of many contemporary designers but the whole image of Steve Madden's shoes bursts with freshness and gives a very cool vibe. I have been reading different forums and reviews and, surprisingly, all reviewers regard his work (especially shoes and sunglasses) as top quality  and durable. Many refer it as an affordable way of looking versatile and trendy. Being one of the most desired designers for the general public, I do suggest the business to focus more on promoting and launching campaigns. I do not own a pair of Steve Madden shoes yet but here are a few of my favourite picks from his collections.



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