Kate Spade Wellesley Alessa

Kate Spade's Wellesley Alessa is one of my oldest and loveliest purchases. Being one of my most favourite bags, I have always been wanting to write a post about it!!!

Wellesley Alessa came out in a variety of funky/playful colours. This particular one is firefly yellow. It can be used as a shoulder bag, cross-body and also a handbag. The stiff leathered structure is very roomy inside (even an iPad fits in easily!). From the kate spade emblem on studs to the dark brown leather finish on the edges of the body all the way to the shoulder strap, the whole bag speaks of quality itself. I've used this bag a lot and it still holds its shape and colour as it was new.

Although some extra detailing have been added to the same bag which is called Southport Avenue Alessa. I still find the Wellesley Alessa to be simple and chic. This statement bag is ideal when tagged with a casual outfit. Overall, it is a perfect combination of style and functionality! 



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