Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Close your eyes and imagine your first kiss. Recall that sweetness and a tinge of shyness along with the strong feeling of an overwhelming yet innocent love. That is exactly how Miss Dior's new EDT 'Blooming Bouquet' smells like. The fragrance can easily be compared to a blossoming bud's tender and pleasant nature. The peach and apricot zest formula cooped in the infamous Miss Dior bottle (with a silver ribbon adornment!) is nothing less than classy and feminine! However, being an EDT it has its drawbacks of being considerably pricey (as the Miss Dior EDP is in the similar price range) with the issue of not lasting long enough! All this doesn't change my opinion regarding my love for this sweet love potion at all and I am beyond being delighted to have this added to my collection. I hope Dior considers launching the EDP version of 'Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet' soon!



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