'Old is Gold' Timeless Beauties Take Control!!!

Hold on tight, as the fashion world takes a sharp steer towards the concept of beauty. With back to back announcements by two leading fashion/beauty brands i.e., Marc Jacobs and NARS signing timeless beauties Jessica Lange and Charlotte Rampling, respectively, as their face. The trend set off after Marc Jacob chose Catherine Deneuve for his farewell campaign at Louis Vuitton and also when Jacky O'Shaughnessy did a revealing campaign shoot for American Apparel. Personally, I love the trend but I only like it when the elder ladies are presented in a graceful manner (unlike American Apparel's raunchy approach, which didn't work for me at all!!!)

The 64 year actress looks her natural best whilst gazing out of a dull room. With a hint of grey/blue added to the smokiness of her eyeshadow and a peachy pink lip colour, the campaign has a retro vibe to it. I'm looking forward to more images shot by David Sims for this campaign. While we wait for those I strongly suggest you check out Jessica Lange's stunning performance  on the FX show, American Horror Story.

On the other hand, cosmetic brand NARS, has just teamed up with yesteryear's beauty Charlotte Rampling for an upcoming campaign celebrating the brand's 20th anniversary. The 68 year old beauty has always been a style icon. Besides her acting career, her strong portfolio includes her brilliant performance in The Night Porter, the naked and smoking shoot for Helmut Newton and the campaign series for Marc Jacob in 2004 posing topless in bedsheets wearing silk shorts and a fur stole. I don't think NARS campaign would be as shocking as Rampling's previous works but I do look forward to the images which would try and capture her wonderful and natural grace.

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