In my Handbag

Two reasons for this post: First, its been a while since I've written selfishly and second, I probably needed a break from catching up with the latest fashion trends and jotting gibberish about it. So whilst I was changing my handbag for this week today I thought I would be a show off and share with you a few of the bits and bobs that are chucked into my bag on a daily basis.

One of my frequent travel partners is my Michael Kors Jet Set Multifunction tote. Its spacious and very light! My Samsung Ultrabook has also suffered a lot of bashing as I write all my blogs with its help. Its smart, sleek and ultra light (after all, you can't carry much weight when you're walking on those heels!)

I am absolutely in love with my gold Samsung Galaxy S5. Its one of the best phone's Ive ever had. Even if I'm in a meeting or dressed up for an evening meal, it looks chic. Plus, it compliments every outfit I wear.

I have no words to describe how mesmerised I am by the romantic smell of Miss Dior (if only they made this in EDP *sigh*)

Oh how can I cant stop myself from feeling the texture of my Prada purse. Wondering why do I love Saffiano leather so much!!!

My oversized Jimmy Choo shades with Swarovski crystals are also the most classic piece in my bag. I remember it took me months to hunt for the perfect black sunglasses for myself and tadaaaaaaaa...Jimmy Choo it was!

Next is my plain gold Michael Kors watch. Its simple yet very attractive :)

Finally, my love for make up! It's pretty obvious that my loyalty lies the most with Bobbi Brown. From the brand's foundation to its rich creamy lipsticks. My most favourite shade in lipsticks is Rose Brown by Bobby Brown. I have recently tried a beautiful shade by MAC called 'Matte Yash'. It's got a perfect earthy-nude shade with a tinge of pink-nude.

Lastly (minus the tissues,wipes, gum etc), I've got my car keys and my daily jotter pad :)

Stay blessed xx

Bag: Michael Kors, Purse: Prada, Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo, Watch: Michael Kors, Makeup: Bobbi Brown & MAC, Fragrance: Dior


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