Ondria Hardin For Jimmy Choo Cruise 2015

The campaign images for Jimmy Choo Cruise 2015 called 'Vices Collection' have been released. The campaign was shot by British photographer Mat Collishaw and features the seventeen year old stunner Ondria Hardin. It almost takes you in the trance of the crystal city with flashing lights and tall skyscrapers. This collection is all about luminous crystals and other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emeralds, and diamonds. The bags and shoes are available in three different tiers: bronze, silver and gold.

In the main picture Hardin is pictured with the Emerald and Gold version of the Ava clutch and the red Jing sandals from the Vices Collection. I have always been impatiently excited whenever Jimmy Choo is about to release their latest collections but somehow I feel the design team has been struggling a bit when it comes to creating shoes which are pretty and innovative at the same time especially the latest designs such as the sock-in-pump heeled boots or the black-fringed strappy sandals.

This collection is available in UK stores now. However, the website has yet to update many key-lines from the 'Vices'....Bet this wouldn't have happened if Tamara Mellon was still at Jimmy Choo!



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