Chanel Cruise 2015

The campaign pictures of Chanel’s Cruise collection 2015 are out and the images not only make you yearn for summertime but the special affection shown towards the brand’s middle-eastern clientele leaves you pretty darn jealous! Karl Lagerfeld photographs Joan Smalls lounging around her seraglio with the adorable Hudson Kroenig (son of male model Brad Kroenig). From harem trousers to mosaic tile printed dresses, the Bedouin culture seems to have a tonne of influence on this collection.

Overall, Mr. Lagerfeld has been successful in setting up the entire Arabian Nights theme but I think he has completely ignored quite a few magnificent dresses from this collection. Unfortunately, there are not many surprises for the bag lovers as this ad campaign hardly showcases any handbags apart from the blue tweed flap bag and the mini gold embellished clutch/purse.



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