Kate Spade Wellesley Quinn

I find Kate Spade accessories very trendy and the quality of their bright eye-popping leather bags can hardly be found elsewhere. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed something from my closet and although it may seem very summery, I’ve picked my Kate Spade Wellesley Quinn. This open-top fuchsia leather bag is very spacious and well-structured. The hand stitching and 14 carat light gold plated hardware adds to the beauty of this bag. The bag has a central zipped compartment as well as a side zipped pocket. For a few people who prefer closed top bags for safety reasons, this pick might not be a very good option. Also to clarify, Muslim women who do not use products made of bore/pig skin, Kate Spade bags stating ‘boreskin embossed’ are produced from cow skin and the embossing is usually of a bore-skin effect. So its 100% Halal :)

Overall, the exceptional quality and usefulness of this bag negates any drawbacks of this bag. So if you’re off for a dinner after work, this bag has enough space to hold your makeup bag and an extra pair of shoes along with your wallet!!!



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