Dear Santa!

A few hours to go till Christmas 2014 comes to an end. Therefore, without wasting any further time I would like to give my list of wishes to my dear old man! I hope it's not too late Santa :)

I wish for a world where children are not afraid to go to schools, where innocence does not have to face the acts of terrorism...after all what is their fault in this?!?!
I wish that strong people from the politicians to the religious leaders, for once, not act selfishly.
I wish you could put a hold onto teenage children giving birth to their own children. Please let them grow up first...I'm, sure you'll easily find many responsible couples yearning to be blessed!
I wish of a world were people stand for their rights and stand against Racism, Bullying and Physical/Sexual abuse.
I wish all the rich people try and eradicate poverty around the world instead of donating to XYZ charities owned by their spouses or other relatives.
I wish you enlighten people with the fact that they can never look better than their natural (God-gifted) looks. No more needles and knives please as I'm soooo done with bee stung lips and skeleton jaws around me!
I wish all the mothers around the globe are bestowed with unlimited happiness.
I wish all the kids of this generation indulge their arses into physical activities rather than becoming couch potatoes playing with their Xbox, PlayStation or Ipads.
I wish all men start to realise that women are fragile flowers and they learn to respect, value and adorn them.
I wish all women also learn to shut the eff up when they know their partners need some space.

I appreciate that you're probably tired now sliding from one chimney into the other but considering how swiftly you deliver happiness to people, all I wish is for you to make my wishes come true.

P.S: If you feel slightly touched by my wishlist then a cheeky pair of Jimmy Choo's would do!!!


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